“The BCB’s At The 2015 CCMA’s”


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Well, it’s tardy by a few days, but here it is. Our final thoughts on CCMA Week 2015, in Halifax, NS.
It was amazing, overwhelming, exhausting, invigorating, thought provoking, disappointing, surprising, and inspiring. Yep, all of that jammed into 4 days.
We met a lot of great new people, caught up with old friends, shook about a thousand hands, hugged more strangers than we care to admit:), sipped more Alexander Keith’s then we care to admit:), sang songs, and stayed up OH SO LATE, overnight. The Delta Halifax lounge was open until 3:30AM! So you could wander over that at 2:00AM and see hundreds of artists ad industry folks all chatting and having a good old time. Poor lounge staff probably wanted to throttle us all.
We didn’t come away with any hardware, BUT, our friends at mediavandals picked up the ‘Album Design Of The Year’ award for our record ‘RAMBLE’! It may sound cliche, but truly, just being nominated is an absolute honour.
The highlight of the weekend went like this….So, its quite easy to get caught up in the competitiveness and the nasty comparison game at events like this. You want to stand out, be noticed. We were chatting about what everyone was going to wear for the Televised Award show. Ties were mentioned, slacks, and jackets. Which really, other than Teddy, doesn’t really suit any of us. We left it at that and decided we’d meet in the lobby at 4:45PM and walk over to the show.
At 4:45, we all converged on the lobby from different entrances all at once, it was kind of strange. That’s where we looked up and seen Smokey Joel standing there with a big grin on his face and a kilt over his “parts”! He was rocking the full Scottish getup, which is his heritage. Then we look over and Sexy Ben is wearing his new Slayer t-shirt, Steely Neil is wearing his favourite ‘Mexican Jump Suit, Smooth Teddy is dressed to the nones as usual, and Skinny Legs is wearing a custom tailored short sleeved suit jacket and bright red skinny jeans. Everybody being 100% themselves!
What followed was a round of hugs, smiles, and laughs. A few pics, and a realization that what will always work best, is being yourself, and letting the cards fall where they may.
Thanks to our manager, Brian Halbert Cache Entertainment Inc. Our agency Sakamoto Entertainment (Paul Biro, Christie Armstrong, Ron Sakamoto, and Sean Sakamoto). Our label Royalty Records Inc. (Rob Smith and Kathryn Hummel). Our distributor Sony Music Canada and our friend/mentor/producer Gord Bamford. All of you continue to believe in us and let us do our thing. It is appreciated!
BCB's At The CCMA's

The BCB's At The CCMA's

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