“The Promise Of A Fresh Piece Of Lined White Paper”


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As a songwriter, and someone who aspires to be more of an all around writer, there is nothing quite as inspiring and full of potential as a fresh batch of Hilroy brand lined white paper, a finely sharpened #2 HB pencil(with eraser in tact), and a fresh brewed cup of black coffee poured into a tall, off white, ceramic mug. Ok, I may be slightly OCD. But aren’t we all.


A blank piece of paper; unfettered, non-judgemental, free to go wherever you want to take it. As is the start of a new day, and in this case, the start of a new year.

Regardless of how 2014 turned out for you. Good, bad, incredible, ugly. 2015 has yet to be written. We can fall into a rut of believing that who we are, where we are, and what we’re doing, is all there ever will be. This is not true. Even if last year was the best you’ve ever had, this year has even more in store.

But it takes effort, it takes intention, to accomplish new things, to chase new dreams.

For me, I’ve got to buy the paper, sharpen the pencil, grind the beans, brew the coffee, wash the mug, set my alarm, and get up early(it just so happens that my ‘best’ time is generally in the morning. When’s yours? Find out and be OK with it, regardless of when it is). Then, last but of course not least, I’ve got to put pencil to paper, and write.

I wish the same for you in 2015. No matter the instrument you choose, may you write something wonderful.

Happy New Year.

Ryan Langlois

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